Mum Mikala Dodkins is urging school children to cycle safely after her son Rio Chalmers was hit by a car while he cycled the wrong way along a one-way street.

The 11-year-old escaped serious injury in the collision, which happened in Church Street, Calne, as he cycled home from John Bentley School.

Ms Dodkins, of Meadow Sweet Drive, who works for Microlights in Marlborough, said: “All I’d like to say is be careful when you’re on your bike and watch where you’re going.

“I think my heart stopped when they called me at work and told me Rio had been hit by a car. He was a bit shaken up when they brought him back but luckily he only had a bruise on his leg.”

Fortunately, the car involved was slowly turning when the accident occured.

“The driver wasn’t looking for Rio because she wasn’t expecting him to come from that direction,” said Ms Dodkins, who has three children.

“She was looking to the right and he wasn’t coming from there. I don’t have much sympathy for him and I don’t think he’ll be doing it again.”

The accident happened as Calne police were preparing to launch a new initiative promoting the safe cycling message through John Bentley School and primary schools. Sergeant Phil Connor is also urging parents to make sure their children’s bikes are roadworthy.

He said: “We will be working with John Bentley School to resolve the issue of bike safety. We are hoping to educate the young people to comply with the Highway Code.”

Sally Walters, PA to the head of of John Bentley School, said: “We are very keen on safety for both bikers and pedestrians, and we have held assemblies on it in the past.

“The issue of safety comes up in our newsletter very often as well. We have over a thousand children coming through Calne every weekday, and we want them to know the importance of road safety.”