Bromham nutritionist Clive de Carle says advice to eat less cholesterol is the cause of the rise in those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The former ophthalmic optician, who will give a talk on fighting disease through nutrition at Devizes Town Hall next week, has claimed decades of incorrect medical advice has resulted in the rise in early onset dementia.

He said: “The brain is composed of mainly water and cholesterol. The medical profession has been telling us to eat less cholesterol and the rise in the incidence of Alzheimer’s is the result.

“I have a friend who said she could no longer speak to her mother on the phone because of the mother’s dementia. I suggested she slip six tablespoons of coconut oil into her food, which she did, and now her mother is able to converse on the phone again.”

Mr de Carle was converted to treatment by nutrition when he developed arthritis about 25 years ago.

He said: “They said I would be crippled with arthritis for the rest of my life. I’m fine now.”

Mr de Carle is delivering his talk on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

For more information, call him on (01380) 860506 or email clive@amazinghealth