Policewoman Jenny Morison cannot wait to complete an unusual feat for her sister Kate in the Chippenham half-marathon next month.

Jenny, who works from the Melksham Police Station and lives in Broughton Gifford, has enlisted the help of 11 fellow officers to carry her sister the full length of the course when the race takes place on September 11.

Kate, 33, suffers with MS, and needs an operation costing more than 6,000 euros (roughly £5,200) in Bulgaria to help ease her symptoms.

Jenny, 31, a detective constable, said: “We really need to raise this money for my sister.

“It’s something that will hopefully make her life that much easier, but it is an expensive operation for her to have. I thought at first we could have a few of us pushing her around in her wheelchair, but when we went to the organisers, they said that unfortunately it went against the rules.

“It was really disappointing, but after a bit of thought, we decided that if we carried her instead that would be acceptable. Luckily, they agreed with us, and so we decided to go for it,” explained Jenny.

Kate, of Preston, near Lyneham, will be carried around the course in regal style as officers hope to raise enough to get her to Bulgaria.

“I’ll be reclining in comparative luxury in something resembling a sedan chair,” she said.

“It’s not going to be too difficult for me – it’s the others I feel sorry for. Jenny is a real runner and will have no problem completing the half-marathon. I can’t run at all, as I need crutches to get around now.”

Kate was diagnosed with the debilitating illness in December 2000.

“It’s a sneaky, cheeky condition,” she said.

“There’s a procedure which should help ease various hardships of my condition, but unfortunately it’s not available on the NHS yet, so it’s been necessary to try and get the funding elsewhere.

The procedure, chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, improves the flow of blood to the veins, which Italian researcher and doctor Paolo Zamboni believes plays a central role in MS.

The sisters are hoping the treatment will provide some relief for Kate.

“If anyone can even give a little bit, we’d be so grateful to them,” said Jenny.

Donations can be paid in directly into a specially designated account: a/c number 50979929, sort code 40 47 58 and reference code CCSVI.