Hat maker Geoff Brown has spoken of his dismay after his latest creation was stolen in Calne.

Mad hatter Mr Brown, who lives in The Pippin, left his handmade hat outside The Wheatsheaf pub in Calne on Saturday.

Mr Brown had stopped off for a quick drink after performing in the town's lantern parade.

He was forced to leave his huge hat outside, as he could not fit through the door wearing it.

Hat maker Mr Brown, who also campaigns for world peace, said: "I am so vexed my latest hat has been stolen.

"I regularly make specially designed hats that I raffle for local charities.

"I am annoyed because I was going to wear this hat at local events throughout the year.

"I urge anyone with any information to contact me as soon possible so that I can get my hat back on to my head.

"The theft of this hat has left a gaping hole in my collection."

Leaflets with pictures of the missing hat are being given out in Calne.

Mr Brown said he had not received any ransom requests.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the huge hat, contact Mr Brown on (01249) 811383 or email the-world-deserves-to-be@peacenow.co.uk