ONE of Marlborough fire station’s newest recruits has explained why he joined the service ahead of a recruitment evening at the station on November 28.

Ian Haines, 45, is the director of Winkworth estate agents in Newbury and has volunteered at the station for a year.

He attends community events, weekly training and plays the role of causalities in live drills. He is now in the final stages of applying to become a retained fire fighter.

Mr Haines lives just 100m from the station and said, “I’d never given anything back to the community and although it is a commitment this is my chance to do something for the town.

“The camaraderie and adrenaline is what the crew does it for.

“This is the town’s station and it is the crew who will get up in the middle of the night if your house is on fire. If we weren’t here it would be a fire engine coming from Swindon which could be 20 minutes away. This town is really lucky to have the service and now I can’t wait to join.”

Retained fire men and women are need in Marlborough to boost the number of fire fighters from 10 to 24.

The station on The Parade is holding an open day on November 28 at 7pm and anyone interested in becoming a retained firefighter has been encouraged to attend the event.