PARENTS from St Mary’s School have called for improved road safety in George Lane while children are dropped off and picked up from school.

Parked cars along the road, irregular lollipop lady cover and no warning signs about the school for drivers are some of the issues behind the safety fears.

The school’s travel group has called a meeting with Marlborough Town Council on Thursday to discuss the issues raised since the new primary school opened in September.

Although there is a crossing by Ducks Meadow and Waitrose car park, a second school entrance by Van Dieman’s Close has seen an increase in families crossing by the police station.

Parent Dell Davis described the road as “dangerous” and refuses to allow her son to cross George Lane.

She said: “There is no sign or alert on the road to say there’s a school there.

“I was two minutes late to meet my boy one day and he had crossed the road by himself because the lollipop lady wasn’t there. That was very worrying for me because it is such a busy road.”

Head teacher Anne Schwodler confirmed that a vacancy to fill the afternoon lollipop lady rota had been released by Wiltshire Council and urged anyone interested in the position to contact the school.

She said: “We have a meeting on Thursday with the travel group and various people are coming including the town councillor and the mayor.

“It is not clear from road signage currently near the school that there is a school here with 380 children.

“It is dangerous for the lollipop lady to even be there at the moment.”

When planning permission was granted for the site in May 2016 a travel plan was created urging parents to avoid Ducks Meadow and use alternative parking. Now the school plans to campaign for better signage.