CHILDREN across Wiltshire are learning about whales as part of marine conservation charity ORCA’s Whale Education Month.

In the hope to inspire a new generation of marine biologists, the charity has created a range of fun work packs to help children learn about one of the world’s largest species.

The charity hopes children across Wiltshire, including those at Rowdeford School in Devizes, will have a whale of a time while learning about the range of conservation efforts going on to save some endangered species of whale.

The focus of the lessons will also be to educate children about the range of whales and dolphins living in UK waters.

Anna Bunney, ORCA education coordinator, said: “We felt a special month was the ideal way to highlight these amazing animals to youngsters. Inspiring students about the fascinating marine wildlife around them is crucial.

“Not many people realise a huge range of different species of whale, dolphin and porpoise live in and visit waters around the UK. With these new education packs, we are reaching a whole new group of children and inspiring students all around the country about how they can help protect whales and dolphins for the future."

ORCA is one of the UK’s leading marine conservation charities, working with volunteers who have a passion for safeguarding the future of whales and dolphins.