FINAL touches to a youth centre in Marlborough are being put in place ahead of the grand reopening of the building which the Town Council rescued from closure.

Over £21,000 has been poured into the project to re decorate and repair the building on St Margaret’s Mead, previously used for youth clubs and kids groups.

The building has been closed for three months as new flooring and lights were fitted as well as the installation of a disabled access lift to ensure that all residents can make the most of the facilities.

Cllr Lisa Farrell said: “It’s an emotional experience seeing it all come together. It will be great once it is finished and the kids are so anxious and ready to get in here again.

“I think the kids feel let down at the moment in Marlborough, they see a lot of their services shutting and luxury care homes opening in the area for the elderly, but what is there for them?

“This is a space for them, and seeing the hall returned to its original state is very exciting.”

The project was funded by £10,000 from Marlborough Area Board, £9,011 from the Big Lottery Awards for All Scheme and £2,00 from other contributors.

The hall is hoped to be open for use by the start of next month.

Marlborough Town Council have leased the building for seven years from Wiltshire Council and will use the building to host community groups such as Barnardo’s, dance groups and youth clubs.