Residents have been warned that they will be without electricity while emergency services remove a lorry that is on its side on a private lane.

The lorry had attempted to turn left onto single track Elcot Lane when it mounted a small grass bank and tipped over.

The contents of the lorry spilled onto the road and blocked the only way in and out of the small housing area.

David Thornton, who saw the collision unfold, said: "He clipped the corner of the verge and that is when it toppled over."

Fire crews from Marlborough, Pewsey, Swindon and Trowbridge attended at 2pm yesterday afternoon and police remain at the cordoned off scene.

Power supplies to nearby homes were expected to be temporarily turned off this afternoon after homeowners were today told that a crane might be used to lift the carriage away from the area.

Residents keen to leave their homes are being escorted past the incident by police or must take a footpath around the White Horse Lane housing estate.

One couple even resorted to using a wheelbarrow to get their groceries home, after their driveway was blocked off.

Shirley Pryor said: “Luckily my husband was out in the car when it happened so last night we did some shopping, then wheeled the food down the footpath and into the house.”

Brian Williams, 65, was waiting for his wife to come home when he heard the lorry crash. He was initially worried that she might have been trapped underneath but discovered Audrey on the other side of the crash scene. She was later escorted past the lorry by a fire officer.

The owner of the articulated lorry, containing fertiliser, travelled from Lincolnshire to Marlborough and was today working to remove it.

He said: “My main concern is clearing the lorry from the area as quickly and safely as possible.”

Residents rushed to check if the driver had been injured following the crash but could not reach him due to the toppled carriage. He was later rescued and was not injured.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “We received a call at approximately 2.10pm to a report that a lorry had tipped on to its side in Elcot Lane, Marlborough.

"The road was blocked as a result.

"The driver is not believed to be injured. The lorry was carrying what is believed to be fertilizer which has tipped, so it is likely to be a lengthy clean-up process.”

Marlborough Tiles is also situated in the area blocked off by the lorry.