CORSHAM chocolatier Diana Short will be getting to grips with historical sweet making in a new BBC Two documentary, which will be aired later this week.

The chocolatier, who helps run award-winning business Lick The Spoon, will be joining three other confectioners in the three-part series The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat that will explore the negative side of the introduction to sugar to the Tudor lifestyle.

Guided by food historian Dr Annie Gray and social historian Emma Dabiri, the group will attempt to make elaborate aristocratic sugar banquets that have not been made or tasted for centuries over a period of four days.

Emily Shields, executive producer for Wall to Wall, said: “We are delighted to be following the success of Victorian Bakers by bringing the culinary masterpieces of the past to life in Back to Work: Confectioners.

"This series will blend the trials and tribulations of our modern day sugar workers as they get to grips with the ingredients, methods and confections of the past with the extraordinary story of sugar - from a treat only tasted by the very elite of the Tudor court to the mass produced ingredient that's become so controversial today.”

The first episode will be aired on BBC Two at 8pm on Wednesday (July 19).