AL Pacino, Madonna and Buzz Aldrin are just some of the names a Froxfield cinematographer has worked with, but being part of hit TV-show Poldark may just be the best of the lot.

In a glittering career in film and TV production spanning more than 30 years, Nick Dance, the main man behind the camera, has been kept busy for much of the last year shooting the third series of the BBC costume drama, rubbing shoulders with Aidan Turner himself.

The role of Mr Dance - who received critical acclaim for his work on Channel 4 show Skins, Mansfield Park with Billy Piper, The Steal with Alfred Molina and The Royals with Elizabeth Hurley among others - is to oversee or direct photography and camerawork in filmmaking, a craft he has mastered.

Due to the success of his first stint doing Poldark, Mr Dance has just signed up to make series four of the show, which uses the filming locations of Great Chalfield Manor near Melksham and Neston House in Corsham, where shooting will begin in September.

“I have been to more than 60 countries in the world, shooting by the Great Wall of China, flying over the North Pole and climbing pyramids, and I have worked with some incredible actors and people, but being part of Poldark is right up there, it may even be the best thing I’ve ever done,” said the BAFTA, Royal Television Society and The Guild of Television Cameramen award winner.

“Aidan is so down to earth, as is the rest of the crew. Due to the show’s popularity, we have had to get more security on the sets.

“There are usually groups of women waiting around and paparazzi hoping for a shot of the stars, but the actors just get on with what they know they have to do.

“The director Joss Agnew and I have this shared vision for Poldark and when we first worked together on Mr Selfridge, we immediately hit it off so to work with him again is a real joy.

“I like working on period shows, the history, working in historic houses and experiencing how people used to live. I cannot give anything away, but the third series should be great, it was a real treat to be part of it.”

Mr Dance, who studied at the West Surrey College of Art, kick-started his career back in the early 1980’s, working with the BBC on documentaries, before going onto work as a freelancer, a role he has done ever since.

Four decades after he began making his own short films as a teenager, Mr Dance still cannot quite believe how lucky he is to be doing what he does.

“It really is an honour and a privilege to be part of something like this – at times you really do pinch yourself,” he said.

“I am currently filming a show in Leeds that is coming to BBC One in the autumn called Love, Lies, and Records. It is a hectic job at times but I would not change it for the world.”