CHIPPENHAM’S Moonraker Gymnastics collected an impressive haul of 13 gold, 14 silver and 14 bronze medals at the Liberty Floor, Vault and Bars competition in Frome, Somerset last Sunday.

For a lot of the 25-strong squad, it was their first ever competition and this was no more apparent in the six-year-olds’ category for gymnasts training fewer than three hours a week, with Danielle Armado taking overall gold as well as gold on bars and bronze on both floor and vault.

Freyja Irving-French took overall silver and the same colour on bars and floor, with Lola Tayler winning gold on both floor and vault to place fourth overall. Charlotte Glover performed well and was awarded a runner-up medal.

Ava Smith competed in the six-year-old class for those training more than four hours and placed first on the floor and third on vault, claiming overall bronze.

In the seven-year-old division for those training fewer than four hours, Matilda Stanton took gold on bars and bronze on floor, vault and overall. Alisa Burton won silver overall after doing likewise on floor and vault was well as bronze on the bars. Eloisa Slade took a runners-up award in the overall event.

In the seven-year-old age group for those training no more than nine hours, Emily Clark won overall gold having also led the way on bars and floor and taken bronze on vault. Emmy Tayler took vault gold along with silver for bars and overall event. Hermione Ferris took bronze on bars and silver on floor.

Madison Cox took the gold medal on the vault and the floor in the eight-year-old class alongside silvers for bars and in the overall event. Both Charlotte Foley and Amber Nixon also performed well.

In the 10-year-old age group, Megan Bates took bronze on bars and in the overall event. Ellie Quaey took silver on the bars, while Niamh Doherty and Francesca Dipisa took bronze and silver on floor respectively.

In the over 13-year-olds group, the top five positions were filled by Moonraker gymnasts in every event.

Charlotte Townsend took gold on bars, vault and overall, with silver on the floor. Grace Macklin-Day won gold on floor and added silvers for bars and overall. Amelia Scott claimed bronze medals on all apparatus as well as in the overall event. Charlotte Tate won vault silver and was fourth overall event, with Teigan Higgs placing fifth overall.