A SPECIAL Constable, who is celebrating his 50th year in the force, will be spurred on by his inspirational wife at the start of the London Marathon this weekend.

Richard Warren, 72, from Malmesbury will be running his third London Marathon to celebrate the start of his 50th year as a Special Constable and to raise money for the MS Society and the Swindon Therapy Centre for MS because his wife Lynette has lived with MS since the 1980s.

He said: "I am taking part in the London Marathon to celebrate the start of my 50th year as a Soecial Constable and to celebrate the fact that I can still do it. This might be the last time but then again it might not.

"Lynette is always positive and cheerful and is very pleased when I am doing things for other people in the MS world."

During his long hours training, Mr Warren has also been out running with a bin bag so he can help collect litter that has been dropped by the roadside.

He said: “During my training, to improve my start/stop recovery, I have been collecting and disposing of any litter I come across, so I can help to keep my part of Wiltshire completely litter free.”

To support the Special Constable in raising money for his good cause visit Virgin Money Giving and search for Richard Warren's 2017 London Marathon.