Beer lovers toasted the annual Malmesbury Beer Festival in style at the Town Hall last weekend as they guzzled hundreds of litres worth of beer and cider.

Around 400 people sampled a pint or two at the festival on Friday and Saturday (April 14 and 15) and organisers have praised the town for their great support, which allowed them to take record takings on Friday and Saturday night.

"It was fantastic," Andy Somers, one of the organisers said. "I believe we took record takings on Friday night and Saturday evening as well. We had some great feedback in terms of people offering to help and volunteer so we were really pleased with that and obviously it was all in favour of Malmesbury Primary School, St Joseph's and Malmesbury School and last year we were able to give them £1,000 each so we hope to match that this year."

The festival, which also supported the Friends of Lullus, divided the 22 beers up into Brexit England, Scotland and Wales while more than 120 litres of cider were put on offer.

Mr Somers said: "For England we had ten different beers, six from Scotland including one called Platform C, which was a 6.3 per cent IPA that was very popular with everyone including myself, and six beers from Wales. We also had 20 litres of six different ciders and that all sold out, so in two days the people of Malmesbury drank 120 litres of cider!

"We think there were around 350-400 people which is quite an achievement considering the weather and grand national."