A TREE project at the Stonebridge Wild River Reserve in Marlborough is nearing completion after two planting sessions took place last week.

More than 400 native trees were planted by volunteers at the weekend and St John's sixth form pupils on Wednesday as part of Action for the River Kennet's community hedge planting project.

Armed with spades, pitch forks, some elbow grease and a can-do spirit, they brought the total amount of planted native trees up to 2,600 and project officer Anna Forbes said that they are not far off completing the project now.

"Both sessions went wonderfully well. It was wonderful to see everyone getting so into the project which helps us inch closer to the finish line," she said.

"Everyone has done a superb job with the hedging. The last four years of creating the hedge and maintaining it really has and continues to be a community effort.

"The volunteers and pupils were both very enthusiastic about it. The pupils also helped put the final touches to a green roof on the bug hotel we have which was nice."

ARK helped the volunteers to dig a slit in the ground, planting the tree, fixing in a bamboo cane for support and then putting a tree guard round that to stop wildlife feasting on the tree.

The St John's pupils came along to the reserve as part of their 'Beyond Me' project, where they go out into the community and get involved with nature projects.

"It was great to have them come down for the afternoon in what was a lovely day," added Ms Forbes.

The new hedgeline was started in 2014 and has been added to twice a year thanks to trees awarded to ARK by The Woodland Trust.