A CHARITY worker who survived the two earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year is urging people not to forget the victims who are still living in tents with no sanitation.

Sue Hamblin, of The Spring, Market Lavington, founded the Nestling Trust in 2011 to help destitute children and provide healthcare in remote areas.

The former nurse was in the country when the two quakes hit in April and May and was able to help with the rescue effort.

The mum-of-three said: “I witnessed the devastation. I saw complete villages flattened – every home, school, health post, shop, office, farm and cattle shed reduced to rubble.

“But my presence also meant that the Nestling Trust’s response was positive and immediate.

“With help from our partner, NGO Himsikhara, shelter, medical aid, food and water was provided to villages in extreme need and we were also able to support the trauma centre in Kathmandu.”

Since founding the charity, Mrs Hamblin has raised more than £120k to build a home for homeless and abused children.

She was in Nepal to oversee the start of the work when the first earthquake struck.

She said: “We still hope to start by September. However, while not losing sight of the trust's original goals, we are now assisting in desperately needed relief work.

“Families are still living in tents with no sanitation so we are providing materials so villagers can construct simple bamboo homes."

Mrs Hamblin has recently returned to the UK and is organising a concert to raise additional funds.

The Lavington Community Choir will be performing at the community hall on Saturday at 7.30pm.Tickets are £10, available from Devizes Books or Lavington Post Office.

To donate to the Nestling Trust go to www.nestlingtrust.co.uk