DISABLED Devizes student Kayleigh Millar has been awarded by national children’s charity Whizz-Kidz as part of its 25 anniversary year for her involved with the charity.

The 18-year-old, of Nursteed Close, received her award at the charity’s anniversary celebration at Hampton Court Palace and was awarded the biggest transformation award.

Miss Millar, who was left wheelchair bound after an accident when she was ten left her with a brain injury and neurological disease, was one just of 25 young people and supporters that have received an award for their work with the charity.

She said: "I am blessed, honoured and extremely proud to have received such a wonderful award.

"Accessing Whizz-Kidz services has been the start of a new life for me and this award has restored my faith that my work to inspire and support other young wheelchair users is worth it, and assured me that my personal achievements are being used to demonstrate how great life can be, even in a chair."

Miss Millar first contacted the charity, which provides disabled children wheelchairs and other mobility equipment they need to lead fun and active childhoods, four-and-a-half years ago and has since become one its strongest ambassadors.

She has also used first aid learnt through the charity to help someone having a seizure on a busy train despite non-wheelchair user onlookers failing to help.

Miss Millar, who is currently studying musical theatre at the South West Academy of Dramatic Arts in Bristol, said: “Because of my training I just got of my chair and helped as a natural reaction. I learnt on a camp run by the charity where we were taught first aid along with how to teach others.”

Last year, Whizz-Kidz was awarded £5.3 million in Lottery funding last year to provide 10,000 new opportunities for disabled children and young people over the next three years, including services for disabled children in the South West.

To learn more about the charity go to www.whizz-kidz.org.uk/