THE link scheme in Seend is at risk of closure unless a new volunteer coordinator can be found.

The scheme, which has been running for more than 15 years, has a team of volunteer drivers who take vulnerable people to hospital and doctors appointments but will have no coordinator to organise the transport if a replacement is not found by August 1.

Working from home the volunteer co-ordinator would receive requests from clients who need help with travelling to appointments and would then find a driver to confirm the booking.

Joan Savage, chairman of Seend Link Scheme said: “We have tried for more than a year to find a new co-ordinator as those currently doing it are moving on and have agreed to stay on until August 1 but no longer.

“It is not a very busy service but still vital for the vulnerable people in the village who really need the lifts.”

The Link Schemes are the largest volunteering network in Wiltshire and each of the 1,746 volunteers throughout the county makes a small contribution which improves the lives of many people.

The new coordinator would need to have a phone line, a small space at home to work from and at least 5 hours per week to give to the role.

Linda O’Gorman Community First link co-ordinator said: “If we lose Seend Link scheme, which we are in very real danger of doing if a volunteer co-ordinator is not found, then the pocket of older people in the Seend area that rely on the scheme will be left vulnerable and without help.

“The Seend Link Scheme is a small but vital and someone taking on this role wouldn’t be tied to their home as on average the Seend Link takes eight calls per month.

“There are also opportunities to support Seend Link by joining the Committee attending three meetings per year would provide support for this vital service and ensure continuity for the Scheme.”

For more information regarding any of the 44 Wiltshire Link Schemes across the county or to apply for the Coordinator role call Linda O’Gorman on 01380 722241.