After 25 years in Marlborough, caterers Della and Stephen Moran are hanging up their aprons in search of new adventures.

Moran’s espresso, in London Road, closed its doors to daytime business last month and will finish with an evening dining club featuring Moran’s classic dishes in September.

Mrs Moran said: “This is very much about us deciding to move on rather than because the business didn’t work. The business did really well, but we’re just heading for a change.

“Two months ago I had a health scare and we’ve lost a couple of good friends at a very young age, so that’s had a big impact.

“I’m absolutely fine, it was a scare, but it was a minor part of why we’ve made the decision.”

The couple, whose 21-year-old son James is studying medicine in London, turned their business into a cafe last May having focused on their catering company since 2002 after Mrs Moran, 52, recovered from cancer.

When Moran’s first opened in 1989 it was a fine dining restaurant but when it relaunched in 2012 as Moran’s espresso it had a more laid-back vibe.

Now they are looking forward to a more leisurely life, including travelling to Spain and Italy.

Mrs Moran said: “The cafe has been a fun place and we’ve both enjoyed the coffee culture and we’ve made lots of new friends through it. Our new chapter could include a life in Cornwall because we’ve a little house down there that we’ve had for 10 years and that would be a complete new opportunity for us.”

They hope that the building will be bought by somebody looking to open an independent eatery.

Mr Moran, 59, said: “Because we’ve served the community for 25 years I think it would be quite nice if somebody was to come along and buy it and carry on in the same way.”