Wiltshire is on course to deliver fairer fares across the county, say local Liberal Democrats.

At a meeting today councillors backed a Lib Dem motion to begin developing a smartcard scheme for Wiltshire.

The development of the smartcard, proposed by Wiltshire Lib Dems' spokesperson for transport and highways Coun Magnus Macdonald, will soon begin with the hope it can bs used to pay for parking, public transport and a number of other services across the county.

Coun Macdonald said it was a step into the 21st century of transport.

"Wiltshire is really set to benefit from this," he said.

"This Lib Dem success will help deliver fairer fares in our council car parks and giving new opportunities for us in public transport."

"It rights the wrong of our council taking hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of change out of the pockets of Wiltshire residents as it will give people the opportunity to pay for the amount they use when they use it."

"Finally the Conservative administration have got that our county needs joined up thinking," said Coun Jon Hubbard, leader of Wiltshire's Lib Dems.

"Lib Dems have been calling for this approach for years and 'one card for Wiltshire' is the first step towards this."

"I hope they will continue to follow our lead and think of what can benefit Wiltshire residents in the long term and not move from short term fix to short term fix."

"I am proud of the work of done by Lib Dems in Wiltshire to deliver for our county and that the council can see a good idea when it is presented to it.

"We are a party of grown-up politics and working all year round to build a stronger economy and a fairer society right here in Wiltshire."

Council officers will report on the potential of smartcards at a future meeting.