Wanda - Wiltshire's wandering wallaby - is thought to have moved on from West Wick, Pewsey, where she was last sighted.

Gardener Phil Brady, who set up the Wiltshire Wallaby Watch page on Facebook, said: "We believe that Wanda may have moved on as there have been no sightings of her since yesterday.

"I have been to all her usual hideouts and left food but there is no sign of our Wanda.

"Maybe she is sleeping in the hedgerows that are thick with brambles and nettles and hard to get into I don't know.

"My feelings are she fancied a bounce up into Martinsell and maybe beyond."

He asked people to keep an eye out for the female marsupial who escaped from an enclosure near Marlborough on July 2.

It has been hoped that she could be penned in and returned to her owners but Mr Brady said that was not without its risks.

He said: "Unless we can persuade her into an enclosure, she can just take off across the fields and if we frighten her by doing this she may not come back.

"Keeping her safe is our only priority so in the last couple of days I have enlisted the local people to help with a rescue and a plan was in place to try and pen her into an old sheep shed.

"It's my gut feeling that she has gone on a little adventure but she will return to this place as she knows it's safe. 

"Keep on the lookout in the Pewsey and Marlborough areas as a precaution especially on the Pewsey to Marlborough road and the Pewsey to Burbage road but the likelihood is she is resting in the hedgerows between fields that are near impossible for us humans to crawl into, and she knows that.

"Otherwise she has headed off over the hill towards Marlborough, maybe she misses home and is on her way back."