Young fundraiser Meghan Harris was relieved when she arrived at school to find fellow pupils had left their uniforms at home and were wearing casual clothes.

For Meghan, 13, it meant her bid to raise funds for our Give Us A Chance appeal was going to be a success.

Devizes Opportunity Centre is close to her heart as her mum, Donna, is the deputy manager and she wanted to do her bit to raise funds.

Meghan said: “I really wanted to do something for the centre.”

She was helped by her best friend Sophie Wright, 13, and teacher Mark Bond, and Mrs Harris said: “I am really proud of them. Meghan was worried no-one would take part in the non-uniform day so when I dropped her off and everyone was in their own clothes she was relieved.

“She really wanted to do something to help the centre and it has been very good for her.”

Pewsey Vale School pupils paid £1 to wear their own clothes and boosted funds by buying cakes and fake tattoos.

Headteacher Carol Grant added: “Megan and Sophie worked so hard to organise this non-school uniform day.

"Their determination and excellent organisational skills have raised much needed additional funding for the Devizes Opportunity Centre.”

It is hoped the event has raised around £300 for the appeal, which was set up by the Gazette earlier this year after funding of £10,000 was cut by Wiltshire Council after the Government withdrew a grant. The centre has to raise around £50,000 this year to supplement its council grant.

A total of £500 was also raised for the appeal by villagers in Rowde who held a fete, which included Morris dancing, teddy bear parachuting and scarecrows.

Lorna Freemantle, of the organising committee, said: “It was beyond our best expectations. Loads of people supported us. It is the first fete in the village for at least ten years but now it is set to become an annual event.

“The committee voted to support the opportunity centre. We all thought it is a really good cause.”