For one night only the dark cave of the Merchant’s Suite became an enchanted kaleidoscope ballroom as playwright/performer Annie Siddons wove her dark fairytale of young brothers Raymondo and Sparky and their quest for the comfort of true love.

Drawing on all the best of Dahl and the brothers Grimm, yet couched in her own unique phrasing and imagery this was classic fringe fare: unique, magical, surprising, scatological.

Backed up by surreal soundscapes drawn from the guitar of Marcus Hamblett, Miss Siddons held the audience with naught but the power of language and her own electric performance.

Images linger: Satin-pawed lions, cotton-wool elephants and, of course, the fabled Cape of OK.

This show is an extraordinarily uplifting creation and its next destinations are Aldeburgh and Edinburgh.

A true feather in the moss-covered hat of Devizes Festival for drawing it here. Unforgettable.