One of the hottest tickets in town last week was for the visit of 4 Girls 4 Harps on Thursday in the Town Hall, their debut appearance at the festival as a quartet.

Eleanor Turner, Harriet Adie, Keziah Thomas and Elizabeth Scorah formed the quartet in 2000 at the Royal College of Music.

Since then their fame has spread and they are now regarded as the leading harp ensemble in Europe.

The sell-out audience were taken on a musical tour across the globe, from Handel’s London to the Middle East and via a Celtic medley to Russia with Rachmaninov and Shostakovich, and Argentina with Astor Piazzolla.

Two contemporary pieces invoked Africa and India, and visits to France with Ravel and Spain with Lecuono, Tarrega and de Falla.

This was a completely charming concert and Eleanor, Harriet, Keziah and Elizabeth took us to their hearts with their wonderful mastery of the instrument, showing us the range and versatility of the harp, its melodic and harmonic and even percussive qualities.

The girls radiated warmth and elegance, and the happy audience acclaimed it as one of the most delightful ever of the festival’s musical evenings.