The editor of the Pewsey church magazine, Alison Reed, received the individual community award at the recent Pewsey Parish Council AGM.

Former Gazette village correspondent Mrs Reed is about to move to Edinburgh where her husband lives. He was also present for the award, having driven down the previous week to bask in his wife’s glory.

However, because Mrs Reed had made an error with the dates, he had to return seven days later for the real event.

Oliver Cripps also talked at the meeting about the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This covers 1,722 km sq and its aim is to preserve and enhance.

The second talk was about the Pewsey area campus by Curly Haskell and the progress that is being made to provide community services for the Pewsey Vale area.

The library and leisure centre is where all the activity is taking place and the timescale is that by November 2015 the facilities will have been upgraded for everyone who uses them.

Mike Asbury then thanked the council for all their support with the Pewsey Vale Heritage Centre. It opened on April 12 after a two-and-a-half year long refurbishment.

They are now looking for additional younger volunteers to help man it.

There was also a group community award given to all the library volunteers.