Songs that rang out through First World War trenches were heard again in Colerne on Monday.

Sixty older people from across Wiltshire visited Colerne Primary School for a project organised by the Golden Oldies charity.

Founder Grenville Jones said: “It was just brilliant. We had 200 kids and 60 old folks and everyone left with a smile on their face.

“For a lot of elderly people their lives are very lonely, but they stayed for lunch with the children at the school and they had a lovely time, and the children benefit from it as well.”

The charity, which organises singing sessions for pensioners across the South West, has produced a medley of four songs.

Mr Jones said: “They were children from age four upwards, and they all love singing these songs from 100 years ago.

“When the boys were going off to the First World War it was singing that kept communities alive, both at home and in the trenches, and what we do now is no different. We use singing to brighten people’s lives.”

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