From stick insects to donkeys, Greathouse care home’s extensive lawn was filled with all creatures great and small on Sunday.

The home in Kington Langley, which provides services for adults with physical and learning disabilities, held a diverse pet show to raise funds to take their residents on day trips.

About 100 visitors took along an array of animals to show off, making for a far from dreary day despite the weather.

The rain made it difficult to have wheelchairs on the grass, so all the dogs and even the donkeys were taken inside to meet the residents.

Activities assistant Julia Tuck said: “We took the donkeys, Dermot and Charlie, into their rooms. It was wonderful, the highlight of the day for many of our residents.

“There was a tortoise named Nigel, a Chinese crested hairless thing crossed with a pug that looked like a gremlin, a 12-week-old St Bernard puppy that was a giant already, and a 16-year-old poodle that was deaf and blind. They were all lovely.”

The maintenance man made a podium and they even had a category for best soft toy so all the residents could join in the competitions.

The money is still being counted but it is hoped there will be enough to take the residents on day trips to London.

Mrs Tuck said: “We’d really like to take them to see the London Eye and aquarium. A lot have never been to London. For you and I, we find it easy to hop on a train, but it becomes quite epic trying to sort out something like that for our residents.”

Organisers plan to have a rave one night in the summer, until 4am. Mrs Tuck said: “We are not an old people’s home. About half of our residents are aged under 35.”