The latest Devizes Neighbourhood Plan, which seeks to promote future house building in the town centre, can now be commented on.

An updated Neighbourhood Plan was published last Friday and lists more than 30 sites, how many homes could be built on each, any constraints and whether the schemes are achievable in five or ten years.

Devizes town, Roundway and Bishops Cannings parish councils have produced the Neighbourhood Plan.

The last round of consultation showed that of the responses received people were overwhelmingly in favour of building homes on brownfield sites rather than greenfield sites such as the proposal for 350 homes by Coate Bridge.

Under the revised proposals put forward by Wiltshire Council for its Core Strategy, the housing allocation for Devizes will increase by 280 to 2,010 by 2026.

Much of that total has been built or provided for but land still has to be found for 412 homes.

Simon Fisher, clerk to the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, said: “The Neighbourhood Plan identifies 11 sites that will deliver 241 homes over five years and a further nine sites that will deliver 233 houses over 12 years, altogether 474 homes.”

Since the last public consultation the draft Neighbourhood Plan has one new site proposed for housing - 30 houses on Wadworth Brewery’s wine warehouse site. The brewery has indicated its intention to relocate this to its main brewery building in Devizes.

The Neighbourhood Plan’s principle is for sites to be within a 1,600 metre radius, equivalent to a 20 minute walk, of the town centre.

Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan runs until May 19.

For information go to the website - - where there is a consultation form.