Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Real Nappy Network is on the hunt for a very special baby, to be the first ‘face’ of Wiltshire’s Real Nappy Week.

Using real nappies will prevent over 4,000 disposable nappies going to landfill - that’s over a tonne of waste we could save, per child, per year, or equivalent to an average elephant.

Aisling Hunt, Real Nappy project officer for the trust, said: “Did you know that using real nappies can save you over £500 per child?

"They’re not only good for your purse; they’re good for the environment, and for wildlife. Cloth nappies have a lower carbon footprint – even when you include the power used to clean them. 

"They’re the perfect hand-me-down, super comfy, absorbent and even stylish. A must have for today’s well-dressed baby and for very busy mums.”

For almost 10 years, the Wiltshire Real Nappy Network has been promoting the use of cloth nappies throughout the county.

Now, it is looking for one special baby to be the face of the network for 2014. Swap disposables for real nappies and enter your baby in our ‘Real Baby, Real Nappies’ competition.

Entries will go into a prize draw. First prize will be a photo shoot for your baby, from which the winner will receive a framed A4 print, plus a disc with a selection of photos.

The winning baby’s photo will be used on printed materials, website and social media throughout the year to promote the Real Nappy network.

Closing date for entries is Friday, May 2. T

The first 100 entries will also receive a copy of the book ‘A wish for my baby’ that was produced for the Network.

Entrants must live in Wiltshire.

For further information and to enter, log on to www.wiltshirewildlife.org and click on Real Nappy Network under the Green Living channel.