Another housing development on the scale of that proposed by Coate Bridge is being considered for a greenfield site on the edge of Devizes.

The news comes as Wiltshire Council planners propose increasing the number of homes to be built in Devizes by 280 to 2,010 by 2026 as part of Wiltshire’s Core Strategy.

Much of that total has been built or provided for, but land for 412 houses still needs to be found.

Hannick Homes, based in Swindon, and Devizes-based Gaiger Brothers, are promoting agricultural land south of Marshall Road as a potential site for up to 350 homes, the same number proposed for a greenfield site next to Coate Bridge which was refused and goes to a planning inquiry next month. Hannick Homes has asked Devizes town and Roundway parish councils if it can speak to them about their proposal.

Marshall Road is not considered suitable for housing in the draft Devizes Neigh- bourhood Plan as it is outside the settlement framework and greenfield.

Despite this Roundway parish and Devizes town councils are allowing Hannick Homes to address them at future meetings.

Conor Lee, of Hannick Homes, said the site could accommodate the 350 homes estimated by the Neighbour- hood Plan steering group, but it would work with the group to determine how many dwellings would be appropriate. The firm believes the site has advantages over others saying it would have a lower impact on traffic and air quality issues on London Road.

Wiltshire Council has been told to increase the number of houses in its Core Strategy by 5,000. The percentage increase of homes in Devizes is the highest in Wiltshire, at 16.2 per cent, compared to 11.7 per cent across Wiltshire.

Rick Rowland, vice-chairman of Roundway Parish Council, who is involved in drawing up the Devizes Neighbourhood Plan, said: “The steering group are very disappointed that Wiltshire has imposed a 16.2 per cent increase to Devizes’ housing requirements. We feel that is unfair to Devizes as we have congestion, air pollution and infrastructure problems.”