Worried families have lobbied for a crossing near their homes in Bath Road, Devizes, because they fear someone could be seriously injured or killed trying to cross the road.

Devizes town councillor Judy Rose, who lives nearby in Avon Road, told a meeting on Tuesday that she is constantly being approached by neighbours to ask when the council is going to do something.

She told town councillors: “Thirteen years ago my daughter was knocked down in that road and at that time I got together a petition with 500 signatures.

"But, because there were four objections to the proposal for a crossing, nothing happened.

"It is now much more dangerous to get to and from the Spar shop and we need a pedestrian controlled crossing. The ideal place would be where the bus stop is now located.”

Annie Rose, then 17, suffered minor injuries when she was struck a glancing blow by a car as she tried to cross the road.

Mrs Rose told the Gazette: “The car was going no faster than 15mph and it is very alarming that it could happen at such slow speeds.”

Coun Sue Evans, who is the Wiltshire councillor for the area, said she has also been approached by families there.

She said: “They do think it is an accident waiting to happen. There is particular concern since St Peter’s School closed because now parents have to drive their children to The Trinity School and so add to the traffic problems.

“But it is in hand. The Community Area Transport Group will discuss the situation next Monday.”

The location of the proposed crossing is a problem, though. Coun Evans said: “I have been asked that there are no bleeps or flashing lights to disturb the sleep of residents in Bath Road.”

Derek Tinnion, owner of the Spar shop, is also concerned about where the crossing might be sited.

He said: “I rely for 70 per cent of my business on passing trade and if there is a crossing too close, they won’t be able to park to come into the shop.

“It is a very busy road but people can use the underpass at Prison Bridge to get across.”