Over half of Wiltshire’s average yearly rainfall fell in the last three months, according to amateur weatherman Geoff Witts.

Figures provided by Mr Witts, who records the daily temperature and rainfall from his Steeple Ashton home, show this February has been the wettest in 60 years.

A total of 143.2mm of rain fell during the month, compared to the usual average of 54mm. More than 10mm of rain fell on four separate days, with a record of 19.6mm on February 4.

There was only one day, February 2, when no rain at all was recorded.

This follows the wettest January on record, when 178mm fell, and last December, when 141.8mm was recorded, making up 62 per cent of the annual average rainfall of 744mm.

The temperature was two degrees up on the monthly average, with the mercury only dropping below zero on one recorded occasion.