Two people were arrested in relation to drugs offences after searches were carried out in Chippenham and Calne as part of an Operation Harness day of action. 

And night patrols took place in Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Swindon, Melksham, Chippenham, Calne, Warminster, Devizes, Amesbury, Wilton and Salisbury.

Operation Harness is a Wiltshire Police led initiative which focuses on community engagement and utilises police officers and staff from every department, 100 additional officers and staff members taking part across the county.

Along with officers and police staff, the operation was supported by colleagues from partner agencies such as housing associations, Swindon Council and Wiltshire Council including licensing officers and anti-social behaviour teams.

Activity took place across the county from 7am on Friday including:

• Supporting Community Speed Watch and Lorry Watch groups

• Street surveys by neighbourhood policing officers

• Crime prevention advice

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire special constables joined together to help tackle rural crime in the north of the county providing a high visibility presence and carrying out vehicle checks in an areas between Cricklade and Tetbury.

As a result, ten people were arrested for offences including theft, drink driving, public order offences, assault and possession or supply of drugs.

Drugs paraphernalia and an amount of cash were seized, cannabis street warnings were issued to two people, and alcohol was removed and people were moved on under the anti-social behaviour act at locations throughout the county. 

A large number of vehicles were stopped and vehicles checked across the county.

One vehicle was seized as there was no valid insurance and a driver was given a fixed penalty notice for contravening a no entry sign. Warning notices for cycling on footpaths were also issued.

Inspector Lisette Harvey, who co-ordinated the day, said: 'The day of action focused on Neighbourhood Policing Priorities, these are the issues important to our local communities and cover a range of different policing themes.

"Issues such as speeding, anti-social behaviour and licensing were targeted and I am pleased that the day was successful.

"Community engagement is very important to ensure a safe county with effective policing and we encourage members of the public to highlight areas of concern.

"It is also helpful to hear about those areas which the public feel improvements have already been made and initiatives are working well so we can look at whether this activity would benefit other areas of Wiltshire.

"We would like to thank all our partners and the members of the community who took part for their assistance and look forward to working together on future operations."

Angus Macpherson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, visited a number of locations on Friday to observe Operation Harness in action.

He joined Wiltshire Police officers and police community support officers from Wilton and Salisbury at a briefing with farmers.

After the rendezvous at Windwhistle Farm near Bishopstone, the farmers and officers fanned out across the Chalke Valley for a night of patrolling to combat rural crime and anti-social behaviour. The farmers were issued with radios to alert officers to any suspicious activity.

The commissioner began the day by joining officers and Community Speed Watch volunteers at Southwick, near Trowbridge.

He then moved on to Bradford on Avon where he met Lorry Watch volunteers who report any over-sized lorries using the Town Bridge.

Mr Macpherson said: "As I travelled around the county I was impressed by the way in which local communities are working with Wiltshire Police for the common good."