The licensees of the Lamb Inn in Urchfont, near Devizes, are sizzling with fury after a burglar broke into the pub just to steal a box of sausages from the fridge.

Alex Elliot, the daughter of landlord and landlady John and Julie Elliot, could not believe her eyes when she went to the fridge on Monday morning to make the breakfast for the usual business clientele only to find the bangers, supplied by local butcher Bob Edwards, had been nicked.

Mr Elliot said: “They took the lock of the back door and then broke into the kitchen and, after all that, they just took 15 or 16 sausages that were in an ice cream tub in the fridge. I know Bob’s sausages are popular, but that’s ridiculous.

“It must have happened between 1.45am, when Julie and I went to bed, and 7.45am when Alex came in to do the breakfasts.”

Insp Matt Armstrong, of Devizes police, said they were investigating and appealed for witnesses.

He said: “If anyone was out and about, perhaps walking their dog, returning home or leaving for work and saw anyone about, please contact police on 101 quoting number 54140013548.”

In November, the nearby community shop was hit when raiders tore down the back wall and stole a safe. Unfortunately for them it was the wrong safe.

The small shop safe contained only a small amount of cash compared to the post office safe that was bolted to the floor and is secured by several devices.

The wall was soon rebuilt and the shop is insured.