More than £2000 has been raised for a life-saving Wiltshire charity thanks to a prize draw made possible by Virgin Atlantic Airways.

SWIFT Medics came to the rescue of 19-year-old Dylan Jones in the summer of 2012. When his uncle who works for Virgin Atlantic Airways told his employers about the life-saving treatment that SWIFT Medics provide, the company offered two free return flights to New York to assist the charity with its fund-raising efforts.

Marlborough resident Christine Pickford was delighted to be told on New Year’s Day that she was the lucky winner. “It was a wonderful surprise,” she said.

“I have heard about the amazing work which SWIFT Medics does as I am regular customer at the Food Gallery in Marlborough which is owned by one of the charity’s trustees Bob Holman – I was delighted to support the charity by entering the draw and to then win is just incredibly lucky,” she added.

And an additional £400 has also been donated to the charity by an anonymous donor on the back of the promotion for the prize draw.

“£2,400 will go a long way in our charity,” said SWIFT Medic Dr Jonathan Glover.

“The doctors volunteer their time so the money is used to provide them with the specialist pre-hospital care training which they require and most importantly the kit and equipment which they need to do their work outside of a hospital environment.

“People may be surprised to know that there is no national funding for the pre-hospital, emergency care which charities like SWIFT Medics provide – so we are entirely reliant on donations and fund-raising.”

SWIFT Medics are a group of doctors who volunteer their time and specialist expertise in pre-hospital emergency care to the people of Wiltshire and Swindon. They are the doctors who you see providing treatment on the road-side, in fields and on sports-pitches alongside the air ambulance and paramedic crews in and around Wiltshire and Swindon.

If you would like to find out more about SWIFT Medics and the amazing work which these incredible volunteer doctors do then visit