A flat bed trailer worth £6,000 was stolen from a farm in Seend last month.

The tri-axle trailer, which is over 16ft long and 7ft wide, was taken from Tanhouse Farm on December 17.

Owner Jonathan Robbins said: “It had two different types of locks on there, so we are assuming they have got a flat-bed vehicle and just drove up to it and winched it off so they don’t have to worry about the locks.

“It was about a mile and a half down a dead-end track, next to the farmhouse. There’s only one way in and one way out, so I think they must have seen it going in and out of there a few times.

“About three years ago a trailer was stolen as well from our address in Seend. I keep locking it up and putting wheel clamps on it, but it doesn’t seem to affect them.

“We have had to hire another trailer, and not be as independent as we would be.

“The police have done all they can, but from a small business point of view it’s just another added cost and a worry we don’t need at this time of year. You work hard for these things, and then suddenly you have to pay out again.

It might turn up somewhere, but I imagine it’s probably out of the country by now.”

Police in Melksham have asked residents of rural areas to remain vigilant, and to report any suspicious incidents to them on 101.