Wadworth is selling its lower alcohol beer Best Intentions in pubs this month at about £2.50 a pint. 

The beer is timed to appeal to the January ‘squeeze’ when consumers tend to cut down on calories and how much they spend, says the Devizes brewery.

Best Intentions is brewed with less sugars, which means fewer calories and can be sold more cheaply than most beers because of the duty relief on beers of 2.8% ABV which came into effect on October 1, 2011.

Despite being a low alcohol beer, Best Intentions is said to be big on flavour.

Head brewer Brian Yorston said he is delighted that he and his team have managed to avoid the traditional curse of the lower alcohol beer, of poor body and weak flavour.

“It is a real challenge to create a lower alcohol beer with a full flavour,” he explains.

“This beer has an ABV of only 2.8% and yet we have managed to give it impressive depth by using six different malts along with three hops added at various phases of the brew.

"The result is layers of flavour and a beer with complexity and body.”

Best Intentions is described as dark mahogany beer with an aroma of coffee and a slight hint of blackcurrants with a final burst of hop bitterness.