An exhibition celebrating more than 100 years of wedding fashion will raise money for St Mary’s Church in Calne.

Visitors to the church’s exhibition, open from Saturday, August 31, to Thursday, September 5, can admire 20 dresses worn by brides from 1902 to 2012.

The event has been organised by Deirdre Aldhous and Lydia Graham with the help of neighbours, friends and members of the church congregation.

Mrs Aldhous said: “We are always looking at ways to raise money to help maintain the fabric of the building, and also share its beauty as a venue for weddings and other events.

“Lydia had a court dress from 1902 that had been worn as wedding dress, an Edwardian hobble dress from around 1913 and a dress from 1940 she had been given by its original owner.

“I have three daughters and one married in 2000 and one in 2012 so all we needed to do was fill the gaps in-between. The only decade we had trouble finding was the 1930s.

“We now have around 20 beautiful dresses and each one comes with its own story.”

Flower arrangers from the church and the town have also linked up to create bouquets matching each dress on display.

Tickets for a preview evening, on Friday, August 30, at 7pm, are £10. Tickets for the main event, from 2-5pm every day, are £5 from the Calne Tourist Information Centre and Calne Community Hub.