The owners of Rosemundy Cottage Bed and Breakfast in London Road, Devizes, have had a dip in trade which they believe is due to the bad weather.

Owner Tony Aldridge said: “With our prominent position, we would have a steady flow of casual visitors wanting a room. Last year it was most weekends, but this year I can only think of one person who has called in. Bed nights for April and May are 15 per cent down compared to last year.”

And Brenda Meade, the own-er of Allington Garden Shop in Chippenham, said business was “like a yoyo – up and down, just like the weather.

“The serious gardeners still come but there aren’t as many of those.”

She said sales were nearly up on last year’s. “Last year was incessantly wet and that really put people off,” she said. “We’re just hoping for some sunshine now.”

Sue Hardy, marketing manager at Whitehall Garden Centre at Lacock, said: “It has been difficult, though people are starting to get a bit more resilient.

“You can’t do anything about the weather, so you’ve got to make the best of it.”