More than 200 embroiderers from across the region descended on St John’s School in Marlborough for the South West Regional Festival hosted by the Marlborough and District Embroiderers’ Guild.

Members representing 18 guilds enjoyed a lecture on urban nature by textiles artist Cas Holmes, who presented a slide show showing pictures of her installations.

Visitors also enjoyed a talk by Patricia Godwin, from Palm Court Theatre, who told tales of Edwardian Elegance to the Roaring ’20s and displayed clothes, newspapers, magazines and periodicals from these eras.

Textiles students from Year 10 at St John’s put on an exhibition organised for the festival, which involved taking digital photos around the school and printing the images onto calico and then stitching them into designs.

Embroiderers’ Guild chairman Yvonne Miles said: “Patricia Godwin had everyone in stitches; it was more like a one-woman show than a lecture.

“It was 18 months of hard work but the school has been really helpful.”