A Chippenham man who is feared by his neighbours breached his county court injunction three days after it was imposed by the court.

Police worked with GreenSquare Housing Group to secure a county court injunction against 26-year-old Daniel Archard, of Little Englands, on Monday, February 18.

Conditions imposed include an order not to threaten violence against any resident or visitor to Little Englands or GreenSquare employee.

Three days later police went to his flat, off Avenue La Fleche, and found someone else there, in breach of one of the court’s conditions.

Archard was arrested for breach of injunction and he admitted this at Trowbridge County Court.

The court released Archard with a warning that he would be jailed if he breached the injunction again.

Chippenham Sergeant Phil Connor said police would continue to monitor the conditions imposed on Archard.

He said: “People in the community who engage in anti-social behaviour, and harass neighbours and other residents, will not be tolerated.

“We will always work in partnership with social housing officers, seek to have a power of arrest attached to the injunctions, and will respond robustly to any breaches.”