Mother-of-three Natasha Bird had a special surprise when she gave birth to her second Christmas baby on December 25.

Miss Bird, from Manor Road Chippenham, gave birth to her second son Sonny at 3.15am on Christmas Day.

Sonny, who weighed 71b 1oz, will share his birthday with his older brother Louis, aged seven.

He was born after Miss Bird arrived at the Chippenham Community Hospital at 10am on Christmas Eve.

Her partner Nick Titcombe was there at the birth while her sister looked after Louis and his sister Mya, two.

They enjoyed Christmas Day with their new brother, who was home by 10am, in time for Miss Bird to see them unwrap their presents.

Miss Bird, 24, said she had still managed to put out Santa’s mince pies and Rudolph’s carrot with Louis before she left.

She also said Louis was looking forward to sharing his next birthday with his younger brother.

She said: “There will be two cakes next year – it’s going to be busy but it couldn’t be as hectic as this year.

“Louis wanted him to come on his birthday– he’s been saying that for weeks. I thought he wouldn’t be happy sharing his birthday but he’s really pleased.

“It was quite emotional leaving the other two on Christmas Eve because I didn’t know when I would be back. I would have stayed in hospital but I just wanted to get home for them.”

Box Primary School teacher David Cook and his wife Alix weren’t expecting their first child until December 28, but Alfred William Alexander arrived early, at 8.38am on Christmas Day.

He weighed in at 7lbs at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

Mrs Cook, who teaches at Crockerton Primary School, said: “We are absolutely delighted. It was not the usual Christmas Day this year, but it was even more special.

“We have already said we may have to have a party for him in the summer as well.”