A cyclist who was said to have sworn at PCSOs and thrown his bike at them has been conditionally discharged.

Craig Reeves, 22, was spotted by CCTV viewers cycling through a pedestrian area in Calne on August 8.

But when Reeves, of Abberd Way, Calne, was challenged by two PCSOs and asked to give his details, he rode away on his bike.

A couple of hours later one of the officers involved in the first incident was on patrol with a second member of the police force when he saw Reeves cycling through Phelps Parade.

When they spoke to him he swore at them and is alleged to have thrown his bike at them while several members of the public were watching.

Reeves pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening words and behaviour when he appeared at North West Wiltshire Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Defence lawyer Mr Moses said although his client had pleaded guilty he denied throwing the bike at officers and said he placed it on the floor instead.

Mr Moses said: “It goes without saying that he has a history with the local police. He did believe he was being unduly picked upon.”

Magistrates agreed with Mr Moses’ sentencing recommendation and gave Reeves a conditional discharge.