Marshfield Primary School in Chippenham has signed up to the O2 Recycle for Schools campaign. The school is using it to help raise £300, which will go towards a new bank of laptops.

They are encouraging people in the community to support their efforts by donating their unwanted gadgets to help reach their target.

Thanks to the new O2 Recycle for Schools scheme, parents, pupils and teachers can donate unused or unwanted gadgets including mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras, SatNavs and games consoles to help the school.

The new scheme, created by the mobile network to encourage recycling and support young people through their schools, will buy unwanted devices and donate all of the money to the school – and what’s more will double the amount the school receives by match-funding the amounts raised by parents, teachers – and pupils themselves.

It is estimated that every year across the country, £762 million-worth of gadgets are thrown away each year – a huge sum that could now be used to benefit schools. O2 research found that 17.5 million gadgets that would be eligible for Recycle for School funding are dumped annually and that just 16 per cent of consumers currently recycle their unused technology.

How to donate Anyone who wants to donate any of these items to support the school’s efforts can do so online by going to They then search the O2 Recycle for Schools gadget database and are offered a price for their kit. For those that aren’t able to go online, please contact the school and they can give advise you on what to do.

When they agree to sell the device, recyclers send their disused kit in postage-free and choose to donate all (or a percentage) of the value. O2 will then match this donation and pass the money onto the school.

If someone were to recycle an iPhone 4S (16GB) and donate the proceeds from the sale to their school, the establishment would raise £552 in total (with O2 matching the £276 second-hand value of the handset).