Outraged mum-of-two Becky Roberts has spoken of her disbelief and anger after the dangerous driver who killed her husband was given her job back as a school teacher.

Mrs Roberts, 30, said the woman responsible for her husband Lee’s death would now be able to “carry on as normal” after serving ten months in prison. “But there will be no return to normal for us – not ever,” she said.

She was furious that Eleanor Brown, 28, will resume her post as a Latin and classics teacher at St John’s School, Marlborough, in the New Year after serving half of a 20-month jail term.

As revealed by the Gazette & Herald last week, the staffing committee at St John’s agreed to allow Brown back to work after “long and serious consideration” was given to “this tragic case”. However, Mr Roberts’ widow Becky, of Pewsey, said: “It’s wrong – it’s absolutely wrong.

“I am very surprised that the school has done this. She’s a teacher working with children and she is supposed to be a role model.

“She is out of prison after serving just ten months and now she’s getting her old job back. I think it’s outrageous. We have a huge hole in our lives – a hole that will never be filled and she’ll be back doing her old job.”

Mrs Roberts understands that Brown, previously of Devizes, is now living in the Marlborough area after being released from prison during the middle of last month.

She said: “I was born in Marlborough but now I’m having to avoid Marlborough like the plague. I’ll drive through it but I won’t stop. Ordinarily, I’d do my shopping there but I don’t want to see this woman. It would be too upsetting.”

Brown was jailed in January this year after a jury at Salisbury Crown Court unanimously found her guilty of causing the death by dangerous driving of Mr Roberts, a 35-year-old butcher.

Brown’s car crashed into Mr Roberts’ moped while he was riding to work on the Devizes to Pewsey road in October 2010, killing him instantly.

After serving ten months, Brown, who admitted the lesser offence of causing death by careless driving, was released on licence.

Mrs Roberts felt that Brown, at the very least, should have moved away from the area following her release. She said that at no time had she received an apology from her.

“We were told by the police family liaison officer after Lee was killed that she might write to us expressing her sorrow or regret at what happened. But she hasn’t. She has never said sorry or shown any remorse to us.”

Mrs Roberts said the death of her husband has had a profound effect on her children, Nathaniel, nine, and Scarlett, three.

She said: “Scarlett has no memory of her dad. She was ten months old when it happened. But she knows who her dad was. She has seen pictures of him and knows all about him.

“For Nathaniel it’s been very hard. He was six at the time and had a special bond with his dad. He has received counselling.

“It’s been really hard on him. He has lost probably the most important person in his life.

“He is still struggling. He says to me sometimes ‘I miss my daddy’. I am his mum but I can’t bring his dad back. No-one will ever be a substitute for his dad.”

In a statement the school said: “The consequences of the road traffic accident were devastating for all concerned. In the case of Miss Brown the law determined that a prison sentence was the appropriate punishment. “The committee concluded that a second punishment for the same offence was not justified.

“They confirmed Miss Brown’s return to her teaching post on specific conditions that will be held under review.”