A meeting to discuss the future of the Calne Motor-cycle Meet will be held at 7pm tomorrow in the Lansdowne Strand Hotel.

The event, which attracts thousands of people to the town each year, is in doubt because of a lack of volunteers to run it.

It costs around £5,000 to organise and at least 50 marshals are required on the day.

There also needs to be a committee of at least five people working from January to July to organise it.

Town Councillor Howard Marshall has been involved in organising the event for the past eight years and is keen to find volunteers. He has called a public meeting to make sure that the event goes ahead next year.

He said: “People wishing to volunteer their help should attend so that we can move it forward from there. “I have had about five people email or phone me and there is a lot of interest from what I can gather.

“We’re still looking for sponsors to financially support the event, or to provide support in kind. There’s printing that needs to be done, banners to be bought. If anybody can help with that then that would be gratefully received.”