More Wiltshire primary school pupils than ever are achieving and exceeding expected levels for maths and English according to the latest government figures as seen in the DfE performance tables published today.

All 11-year-olds sit Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) and teachers assess which level pupils have attained in the summer of their final year at primary school.

The number of Wiltshire pupils achieving the expected level 4 and above in both English and maths has increased to 78 per cent - a rise of three per cent on 2011 figures.

In English alone, 86 per cent of children achieved the expected level 4 and above. Forty per cent of pupils exceeded this and achieved a higher level 5 and above in English representing an eight per cent increase on last year's results.

In maths 82 per cent of pupils achieved level 4 and 39 per cent reached the higher level 5.

The figures also chart pupils' expected progress from year 2 at primary school to the end of year 6. In Wiltshire 90 per cent of pupils made the expected progress or better in English and 85 per cent in maths.

Carolyn Godfrey, Wiltshire Council's director for children and education, said: "We are delighted with these good overall results for English and maths achieved in these key tests for our primary aged children and we continue to work with all of our maintained schools to enable them to achieve excellence.

“We are really pleased for those schools who have performed particularly highly and we are working closely with those whose results this year are not as good they would like to ensure all pupils have the best opportunities to achieve their potential.”

Lionel Grundy, cabinet member for children's services, said: "These results are very encouraging for Wiltshire.

"They are only one part of the story as the pupils going through this key stage of their lives will also learn so much from being in a school community where they can thrive and reach their full potential."