Calne town councillor Helen Plenty has been made the subject of a restraining order to stop her harassing neighbours.

Coun Plenty, 51, who is a former mayor of Calne, had been charged with using threatening words or behaviour at Tyning Park, Calne, on May 25.

She denied the charge and a trial was due to start today at Swindon Magistrates' Court but the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence and the charge was formally dismissed by magistrates.

But the magistrates agreed to an application by the CPS to impose a post-acquittal restraining order on Coun Plenty for six months.

The restraining order means Coun Plenty, of Wessington Avenue, Calne, must not contact directly or indirectly Timothy Horwood, Stuart and Averley Everett

Vivian Thatcher, prosecuting, told the court: “The post-acquittal restraining order is to prevent harassment and distress to the parties involved.”

Mr Thatcher said Mr Horwood had moved into the area on May 19 and he and his partner were surprised at the behaviour of Coun Plenty.

Mr Thatcher said: “There were various parking issues. In essence their car would be parked and they would be parked in.

"This went on for a while and other matters of harassment and behaviour continued.

“In addition to the various aspects of parking, threats were made and other behaviour was also carried out as well. This caused considerable difficulty for people living in the area and the three named parties were the subject of the most difficulty.”

Mr Thatcher said an exclusion order for Plenty was originally proposed but was ruled out as being “completely unworkable.”

Anthony Hucklesby, defending, said: “Councillor Plenty does not accept the allegations made in this case but I don’t oppose the application the Crown is seeking. It provides a mechanism for resolution in neighbour disputes.”

Magistrates warned Coun Plenty that if she breached the restraining order she could be sent to prison.