Teacher Eleanor Brown, who was jailed for causing the death of dad Lee Roberts, has been told she can have her old job back.

Brown, 28, will resume her post as a Latin and classics teacher at St John’s School, Marlborough, in the New Year after serving half of a 20-month prison sentence.

She was jailed in January after a jury at Salisbury Crown Court unanimously found her guilty of causing the death of Mr Roberts, 35, of Little Island, Pewsey, by dangerous driving.

Her car crashed into Mr Roberts’ moped on the Devizes to Pewsey road in October 2010.

His sister Laura Evans, 36, said that she could not allow her two children Alanah, eight, and Lilly, six, who loved their Uncle Lee, go to St John’s School if Brown were teaching there.

Ms Evans, who has been in touch with the headteacher Dr Patrick Hazlewood over the matter, said: “There’s no way that I could send them to St John’s if she were there.

“We are told to keep our children away from criminals. The thought of my children having to be under the same roof as that woman is horrific. I have no idea how they would react if they came across the woman at St John’s who had killed their uncle.

“They were very close to their Uncle Lee. What happened is still really raw. How could they possibly attend school under these circumstances? I am absolutely appalled that she has been given her old job back.”

Ms Evans, who has been living in Froxfield for three years, said that Brown has had no contact with the family since her brother’s death.

“She has expressed no remorse and has not apologised. When it first happened the police told us that we might receive a letter from her. But we haven’t. Not a word. I think that’s abhorrent,” said Ms Evans.

Her children attend St Katharine’s School, Savernake and her eldest daughter is due to go to St John’s in three years.

She said: “I will have to move away from this area.  How can I let them go to St John’s? I also don’t want them coming across Eleanor Brown in Marlborough, which is highly likely if she’s living and working in the area. I don’t want to see her myself. I don’t think I could keep my self-control.”

Ms Evans’ other brother Carl, 39, their parents Denis and Ruth and Lee’s widow Becky and her two children live in the Pewsey area.

She said: “How on earth can we feel that justice has been done when the person who killed my brother is back working in Marlborough after a short time in jail?”

Ms Evans, who has lived in the Pewsey area all her life, hopes to move to Hampshire.
Dr Hazlewood said yesterday: “The staffing committee gave long and serious consideration to the matters surrounding this tragic case.

“The consequences of the road traffic accident were devastating for all concerned. In the case of Miss Brown the law determined that a prison sentence was the appropriate punishment.

“The committee concluded that a second punishment for the same offence was not
justified.  They confirmed Miss Brown’s return to her teaching post on specific conditions that will be held under review.”

Brown, who at the time of the accident lived in Devizes, was driving her Skoda car along the C8 back road between Horton and Alton Barnes when she overtook a Ford Transit van and hit Mr Roberts’ oncoming moped.

Mr Roberts, who was riding to his work as a butcher at a farm shop at Coate, died at the scene. The crash left his moped embedded in the front of the Skoda.