The sale of the Lacock Cup for £1.3million to the British Museum was approved by a Consistory Court this afternoon. 

During a hearing held at St Cyriac’s Church, Rev Justin Gau, Diocese of Bristol, gave permission for the sale of the medieval chalice, which dates back to the 1400s and is insured for £2.2million.

He said: “I am satisfied that the unique and exceptional circumstances of this case are sufficient to justify the sale of the cup.”

The cup has been on loan to the British Museum since 1963 and as part of the verdict a charitable trust will be set up with proceeds from the sale going towards parish building repairs.

The sale was petitioned by John Catchpole of Lacock Parochial Church Council and opposed by resident Geoffrey Fox, which resulted in the court hearing being held.

As part of the ruling a replica cup, worth no more than £5,000, will be made and Mr Fox has 28 days to appeal the verdict.